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1. OK4 Drink UP! is it an Energizing Drink?
The answer is NO . 
OK4 Drink UP!  It is an Antioxidant drink. Contains 7 ingredients with high antioxidant power among which are:
Glutathione (Red), NAC, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium which help us to counteract the annoying effects after consumption of alcoholic beverages

two.  Why should I take OK4 Drink UP !?
After drinking a few drinks, our bodies run out of enough nutrients to fight and defend against the effects of alcohol and its toxic by-products. But when you nourish and prepare your body with the essential nutrients present in OK4 Drink UP! , your body with increased nutrient reserves, is ready and prepared to defend itself from the damage caused by alcohol and its toxins in the short and long term.

3.  OK4 Drink UP! Do you have Caffeine, Sugar, Taurine or other Stimulating substances?
OK4 Drink UP!  does not contain any of these ingredients. It is not an Energizer and its function is ANTIOXIDANT
and the best: 0 Calories!

4. If I take OK4 Drink UP! I can avoid getting drunk with the  Alcohol intake?
OK4 Drink UP! it is not intended to prevent drunkenness. The ingredients contained in OK4 Drink UP! They help us reduce the unpleasant post-consumer effects. That is why we must take OK4 Drink UP! Before, during and after alcohol consumption, to be prepared and have a better day tomorrow .

5. Can I mix  OK4 Drink UP!  with Alcohol?
Be sure to take OK4 Drink UP! at least 1 hour before starting to drink liquor. In this way you ensure the nutrients in your body. During the consumption of liquors, IF you can mix them with OK4 Drink UP! .
Have at least one OK4 Drink UP! before you start and have an OK4 Drink UP! at the end .

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6.  OK4 Drink UP!  is the  Cure for "Hangover"?
OK4 Drink UP! It is not a medicine and it is not intended to cure or treat " Hangover ", considered a physiological condition resulting from the intake of alcoholic beverages.
The Goal of OK4 Drink UP!  is to contribute to the normal diet and provide adequate nutrients that prepare us to face the excesses of the Party!

7.  If I don't drink liquor, can I have OK4 Drink UP !?
YES , OK4 Drink UP! It is a drink with 7 ingredients with ANTIOXIDANT potential.
OK4 Drink UP! It is of great help in all the oxidative processes that we suffer from day to day (Stress, Ultraviolet Light, Environmental Pollution ...)
OK4 Drink UP! It is a great ally and you can take it daily without problem, even as a moisturizer while doing sports.

8.  If I still have questions about OK4 Drink, UP! Who helps me solve them?
Don't worry, you can leave us a message in the following form and with pleasure, one of our  representatives will contact you shortly.

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